Month: April 2011

It is not for want of strength

The evidence they had before was enough, amply enough, to convince them; but they were resolved not to be convinced: And to those, who are resolved not to be convinced, all motives, all arguments are equal. He that shuts his eyes against a small light, on purpose to avoid the sight of somewhat that displeases him, would (for the same reason) shut them also against the sun itself; …

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How warm this controversy

You may observe, how warm this controversy, concerning the Gentile converts, was, in the primitive church; the Jews, obstinate in their prejudices; and the Apostle Paul, and such as joined with him, inflexible in defending the cause of truth and liberty. It seems the debate was carried, in some places, so high, as to become the cause of a breach in Christian communion. Now, considering the heats, which this matter occasioned, and the length, to which the dissension was carried, it is by no means probable, that the dissenting parties were in a plot to impose upon the world; or that a scheme, which, at the bottom, was mere imposture, could subsist and bear up against such animosities.

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You present what you acknowledge to be spurious

You present what you acknowledge to be spurious to discredit what is claimed to be genuine. In respect to the alleged miracles, account of which we have outside the Bible, we have no dispute. So far as any superhuman power is concerned, we both count them spurious. What you have to do is to answer the arguments presented going to show that those of the New Testament are genuine.

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