The works listed below are samples from the core of our library. Although there are some very substantial works here — check them out! — this list represents only about 1% of what we ultimately intend to make available. Clicking on a title will take you to a short description of the work, with links in most cases to several different copies of the text.

Short Works

William Adams, An Essay on Mr. Hume’s Essay on Miracles (1752; 3rd ed., retitled, 1767) [A] [CA]

Edmund Bennett, The Four Gospels from a Lawyer’s Standpoint (1893) [A] [CA]

George Campbell, A Dissertation on Miracles (1762; 1839) [G] [A]

Thomas Cooper, The Bridge of History over the Gulf of Time (3rd ed, 1871) [G]

Charles Leslie, Short and Easy Method with the Deists (1697; 1815) [G] [A] [CA]

Thomas Sherlock, Trial of the Witnesses of the Resurrection (1729) [G] [A] [CA]

Richard Watson, An Apology for Christianity (1776) [G] [CA]

Richard Watson, An Apology for the Bible (New York: American Tract Society, 1880) [G]

Richard Whately, Historic Doubts Relative to Napoleon Buonaparte (1819; 11th ed 1874) [G] [A] [CA]

Medium Length Works

John James Blunt, Undesigned Coincidences (London: John Murray, 1869; 9th ed.) [G]

Alexander Balmain Bruce, The Miraculous Element in the Gospels (1886; 4th ed. 1899) [G] [A]

Joseph Butler, The Analogy of Religion (1736; 1872) [G] [A] [CA]

Thomas Chalmers, The Evidence and Authority of the Christian Revelation (1814; 4th ed. 1817) [G] [A] [CA]

Simon Greenleaf, An Examination of the Testimony of the Four Evangelists (1846) [G] [A]

Charles Pettit McIlvaine, The Evidences of Christianity in their External Division (1833; revised ed. 1861) [G] [A]

William Paley, A View of the Evidences of Christianity (1794; 1865) [G] [A] [CA]

Brooke Foss Westcott, The Gospel of the Resurrection: Thoughts on its Relation to Reason and History (1866; 7th ed. 1891) [G] [A]

Long Works

Adam Storey Farrar, A Critical History of Free Thought (1862) [G] [A]

Thomas Hartwell Horne, An Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures (1818; 8th ed., 1840-41) [G]

Nathaniel Lardner, Credibility of the Gospel History, in Lardner’s Works (1727-55) [G] [A]

John Leland, A View of the Principal Deistical Writers (1754-55; 1808) [G] [A]