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Westcott, Brooke Foss

This popular work by the great 19th century textual scholar makes the argument for the resurrection in an interesting way. Westcott, who is well aware of (though not persuaded by) critical attacks on the authenticity of the...

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Paley, William

Paley’s Evidences is one of the very best summaries of the historical case for Christianity, making good use of the work of his great predecessors Lardner and Douglas. In Part I, which is the heart of the book, Paley sets out to...

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Chalmers, Thomas

This is an exceptionally clear and vigorous presentation of the historical argument for the resurrection, which Chalmers regards as the key argument for the truth of Christianity. Simon Greenleaf had read it and quotes several...

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Butler, Joseph

There are few names more honored in the history of the Anglican church than that of the theologian, apologist, and philosopher Joseph Butler (1692-1752), Bishop of Durham. The Analogy of Religion has long been recognized as one...

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Bruce, Alexander Balmain

This late 19th century work by a prominent scholar provides a careful statement and defense of the supernaturalist position. Bruce frequently addresses the arguments of Strauss and Renan, Schleiermacher and Lessing, and provides...

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