Tag: Scope and Limits of Reason

Thomas Chalmers: The exercise of reason in matters of theology

After we have established Christianity to be an authentic message from God upon those historical grounds, on which the reason and experience of man entitle him to form his conclusions, nothing remains for us but an unconditional surrender of the mind to the subject of the message. We have a right to sit in judgment over the credentials of heaven’s ambassador, but we have no right to sit in judgment over the information he gives us.

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Duncan Forbes: Such evidence as is sufficent

[T]he humble CHRISTIAN believes … that, for the reality and truth of such things as do not depend upon reason, or fall within his knowledge, he must depend upon such evidence as is sufficient to induce the belief of any matter of fact.

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John England: The rejection of evidence must be irreligious

When … sufficient testimony has been adduced, to withhold belief would be unreasonable—unreasonable rejection of evidence, where there is no question as to the revelation of God, cannot be innocent. The refusal to examine is plainly against the first principle of religion; contrary to the plainest maxims of reason. A mistake honestly made is pardonable, but the rejection of evidence must be irreligious.

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