Apologist/AuthorNationalityOccupation and/or AffiliationWork(s)
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Bradley, John
( ? ~ ? )
?Minister of AlrewasAn Impartial view of the Truth of Christianity with the history of the life and miracles of Apollonius Tyanaeus (1699)
Bramhall, John
(1594 ~ 1663)
EnglishArchbishop of Armagh, Anglican Theologian, Apologist– The Works of Archbishop Bramhall (1842)
Breen, Andrew Edward
(1863 ~ 1938)
AmericanCatholic Priest, TheologianA General and Critical Introduction to the Study of Holy Scripture (1908)
Brewer, Ebenezer Cobham
(1810 ~ 1897)
EnglishBaptist(?), Clergyman, SchoolmasterGuide to Christian Evidences (1874)
A Dictionary of Miracles, Imitative, Realistic, and Dogmatic, with Illustrations (1884)
Brisbane, William Henry
(1806 ~ 1878)
AmericanBaptist Minister, Abolitionist The Bible Defended Against the Objections of Infidelity (1855)
Bristed, John
(1778 ~ 1855)
EnglishProtestant Episcopal MinisterA Discourse on the Nature and Use of Prophecy (1743)
Broaddus, Andrew
(1770 ~ 1848)
AmericanBaptist MinisterThe Age of Reason and Revelation (1795)
Broadley, Robert
(1801 ~ 1864)
EnglishCurate of Swinton, ManchesterChristianity a Divine Revelation (1831)
Brooke, Zachary
(1716 ~ 1788)
Englishdivine, Vicar, ChaplainAn Examination of Dr. Middleton’s Free Inquiry into the Miraculous Powers of the Primitive Church (1750)
Brough, Robert
(? ~ 1823)
EnglishReverendNo Valid Argument can be Drawn from the Incredulity of the Jews Against the Truth of The Christian Religion: An Essay (1820)
Brown, John
(1715 ~ 1766)
Englishdivine, Poet, Author, Vicar of NewcastleEssays on the Characteristics of the Earl of Shaftesbury (1764)
Brown, William
(1790 ~ 1860)
IrishPresbyterian Minister at TobermoreThe Evidence of Christianity in the Nineteenth Century (1846)
Browne, Edward Harold
(1811 ~ 1891)
EnglishBishop of Ely and WinchesterThe Fulfilment of the Old Testament Prophecies Relating to the Messiah, in the Person Character, and Actions of Jesus of Nazareth (1836)
The Inspiration of Holy Scripture (1878)
Browne, Henry
(1804 ~ 1875)
EnglishBiblical scholar, Rector of PevenseyA Treatise on the Chronology of the Holy Scriptures (1844)
Browne, Simon
(1680 ~ 1732)
EnglishDissenting Minister, AuthorA Defence of the Religion of Nature, and the Christian Revelation (1732)
– The Close of the Defense of the Religion of Nature and the Christian Revelation (1733)
– A Fit Rebuke to a Ludicrous Infidel (1732)
– An Impartial Examination and Full Confutation of the Argument Brought by Mr Woolston’s Pretended Rabbi (1730)
Bruce, Alexander Balmain
(1831 ~ 1899)
Scottishdivine, Chair of Apologetics and New Testament Exegesis at the Free Church College, GlasgowThe Moral Order of the World, in Ancient and Modern Thought (1899)
The Miraculous Element in the Gospels (1899)
The Chief End of Revelation (1881)
Apologetics: Or, Christianity Defensively Stated (1892)
Bryant, Jacob
(1715 ~ 1804)
EnglishScholar, WriterA Treatise upon the Authenticity of the Scriptures, and the Truth of the Christian Religion (1810)
A Vindication of the Testimony Given by Josephus (1780)