Apologist/AuthorNationalityOccupation and/or AffiliationWork(s)
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Jackson, John
(1686 ~ 1763)
EnglishRector of Rossington, ControversialistAn Address to Deists, Being a Proof of Reveal’d Religion, From Miracles and Prophecies (1744)
Remarks on Dr Middleton’s Free Enquiry into the Miraculous Powers Supposed to have subsisted in the Christian Church from the Earliest Ages (1749)
Remarks on a Book Intitled Christianity as Old as the Creation: Wherein the Principal Objections of that Book against Reveal’d Religion are Considered (1731)
Chronological Antiquities: The Antiquities and Chronology of the Most Ancient Kingdoms (1752)
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
A Plea for Humane Reason (1730)
Jackson, Thomas
(1579 ~ 1640)
EnglishDean of PeterboroughThe Works of Thomas Jackson, D.D.: Sometime President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and Dean of Peterborough (1844)
Jamieson, John
(1759 ~ 1838)
ScottishMinister, Lexicographer, Philologist and AntiquaryThe Use of Sacred History (1810)
Jefferson, Charles Edward
(1860 ~ 1937)
AmericanCongregational ClergymanThings Fundamental: A Course of Thirteen Discourses in Modern Apologetics (1903)
Jeffery, Thomas
(1700 ~ 1728)
EnglishNonconformist DivineChristianity the Perfection of All Religion, Natural and Revealed (1728)
A Review of the Controversy Between the Author of a Discourse of the Grounds and Reasons of the Christian Religion, and his Adversaries (1726)
Jenkin, Robert
(1656 ~ 1727)
EnglishClergyman, Non-jurorA Plain and Easy Introduction to the Principles of Natural and Revealed Religion (1795)
Volume 1
Volume 2
The Reasonableness and Certainty of the Christian Religion (1721)
Volume 1
Volume 2
Jenkins, Ebenezer Evans
(1820 ~ 1905)
EnglishWesleyan Minister and MissionaryModern Atheism, Its Position and Promise: Being the Fernley Lecture of 1877
Jenner, Stephen
(1808 ~ 1880)
EnglishCurate of Bekesbourne KentThe Three Witnesses (1879)
Jennings, David
(1691~ 1762)
EnglishDissenting Minister and TutorThe Scripture Testimony Examined and Confirmed by Plain Arguments (1796)
Jeremie, James Amiraux
(1802 ~ 1872)
EnglishProfessor of DivinityNo Valid Argument can be Drawn from the Incredulity of the Heathen Philosophers Against the Truth of the Christian Religion (1826)
Johnson, Franklin Harris
(1836 ~ 1916)
AmericanBaptist Clergyman, Author, and EducatorThe Quotations of the New Testament from the Old: Considered in the Light of General Literature (1896)
The Christian’s Relation to Evolution (1904)
Johnson, Herrick
(1832 ~ 1913)
AmericanPresbyterian Clergyman and AuthorChristianity’s Challenge (1881)
Johnson, Joseph
(? ~ ?)
EnglishAuthorThe Testimony of Sceptics to the Truth of Christianity (1861)
Johnson, Thomas
(? ~ 1737)
EnglishCleric, Academic, and Moralist WriterA letter to Mr. Chandler: In Vindication of a Passage in the Lord Bishop of London’s Second Pastoral Letter (1734)
Johnston, Howard Agnew
(1860 ~ 1936)
AmericanPresbyterian ClergymanScientific Christian Thinking for Young People (1922)
Jones, Jeremiah
(1693 ~ 1718)
WelshMinister, Tutor and Biblical CriticA New and Full Method of Settling the Canonical Authority of the New Testament (1827)
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Jones, John
(1766 ~ 1827)
WelshUnitarian Minister, LexicographerA Series of Important Facts Demonstrating the Truth of the Christian Religion (1820)
A Reply to Two Deistical Works (1824)
Jones, Joseph
(1782 ~ 1856)
English?A Chronological and Analytical View of the Holy Bible (1836)
Jones, William
(1726 ~ 1800)
BritishClergyman, AuthorA Course of Lectures on the Figurative Language of the Holy Scripture (1789)
The Scholar Armed (1795)
Volume 1
Volume 2
Jortin, John
(1698 ~ 1770)
EnglishChurch HistorianRemarks on Ecclesiastical History (1751)
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Discourses Concerning the Truth of the Christian Religion (1805)
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Four Sermons On the Truth of the Christian Religion (1730)
Jouin, Louis
(1818 ~ 1899)
GermanJesuit Linguist, Philosopher, and AuthorEvidences of Religion (1877)
Joyce, George Hayward
(1864 ~ 1943)
EnglishAuthor, ClergymanThe Question of Miracles (1914)
Jukes, Andrew John
(1815 ~ 1901)
EnglishTheologian, Plymouth BrethrenThe Characteristic Differences of the Four Gospels: Considered as Revealing Various Relations of the Lord Jesus Christ (1853)