Apologist/AuthorNationalityOccupation and/or AffiliationWork(s)
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Hoadly, Benjamin
(1676 ~ 1761)
EnglishBishop of Salisbury and Winchester Queries Recommended to the Authors of the Late Discourse of Free Thinking (1713)
A Letter to the Reverend Mr Fleetwood: Occasion’d by his Essay on Miracles (1702)
– Several Tracts Formerly Published: Now Collected into One Volume. (1715)
Hobart, William Kirk
(? ~ ?)
?Scholar, Trinity College DublinThe Medical Language of St. Luke: A Proof from Internal Evidence (1882)
Hodge, John
(? ~ ?)
English?Sermons on the Principal Evidences in Favour of the Christian Religion, and the chief objections made to it. (1758)
Holland, Henry Scott
(1847 ~ 1918)
EnglishProfessor of Divinity, OxfordOn Behalf of Belief: Sermons Preached in St. Paul’s Cathedral (1892)
Holmes, Robert
(1748 ~ 1805)
EnglishDean of WinchesterOn the Prophecies and Testimony of John the Baptist, and the Parallel Prophecies of Jesus Christ (1782)
Hommel, Fritz
(1854 ~ 1936)
GermanProfessor of Semitic LanguagesThe Ancient Hebrew Tradition as Illustrated by the Monuments: A Protest Against the Modern School of Old Testament Criticism (1897)
Hopkins, John Henry
(1792 ~ 1868)
AmericanEpiscopal Bishop Christianity Vindicated, in Seven Discourses on the External Evidences of the New Testament (1833)
Hopkins, Mark
(1802 ~ 1887)
AmericanEducator, Congregationalist TheologianLectures on the Evidences of Christianity before the Lowell Institute (1844)
Horler, Joseph
(? ~ ?)
EnglishSchoolmaster, Presbyter in the Church of EnglandAn Apology for the Ministers of Jesus Christ, and Preachers of his Gospel (1739)
Horne, George
(1730 ~ 1792)
EnglishBishop of NorwichThe Works of the Right Reverend George Horne, D.D. Late Bishop of Norwich (1818)
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
– Letters on Infidelity (1786)
Horne, Thomas Hartwell
(1780 ~ 1862)
EnglishTheologian and LibrarianAn Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures (1877)
A Brief View of the Necessity and Truth of the Christian Revelation (1800)
Horsley, John
(1699 ~ 1777)
EnglishRector of Newington ButtsAn Enquiry Into the Force of the Objection Made against the Resurrection of Christ (1730)
Horsley, Samuel
(Son of above)
(1733 ~ 1806)
EnglishBishop of Rochester Nine Sermons, on the Nature of the Evidence by Which the Fact of our Lord’s Resurrection is Established; Prophecies of the Messiah Dispersed Among the Heathen (1816)
Horton, Robert Forman
(1855 ~ 1934)
BritishNonconformist DivineInspiration and the Bible (1889)
– The Pastoral Epistles of Timothy and Titus (1901)
Hovey, Alvah
(1820 ~ 1903)
AmericanApologetics and Theology ProfessorThe Miracles of Christ as Attested by the Evangelists (1864)
Howe, John
(1630 ~ 1706)
EnglishPuritan DivineThe Living Temple, Life and Works of John Howe (1863)
Howitt, William
(1792 ~ 1879)
EnglishQuaker, WriterThe History of the Supernatural in all Ages and Nations and in all Churches Christian and Pagan Demonstrating a Universal Faith (1863)
Volume 1
Volume 2
Howson, John Saul
(1816 ~ 1885)
BritishAnglican ReverendFive Lectures on the Character of St. Paul (1864)
Meditations on the Miracles of Christ (1871)
The Evidential Value of the Acts of the Apostles (1880)
Evidential Conclusions from the Four Greater Epistles of St Paul (1883)
Horae Petrinae (1883)
The Metaphors of St Paul and Companions of St Paul (1872)