Apologist/AuthorNationalityOccupation and/or AffiliationWork(s)
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Keeling, Bartholomew
(1719 ~ 1779)
EnglishRector of Tiffield and Bradden, ChaplainEight Discourses on the Harmony of the Three First Evangelists (1766)
Keith, Alexander
(1792 ~ 1880)
ScottishFree Church of Scotland Minister, Uncle of William Garden BlaikieThe Evidence of Prophecy: Historical Testimony to the Truth of the Bible (1872)
Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion (1864)
The Signs of the Times (1832)
Demonstration of the Truth of the Christian Religion (1855)
Kennedy, John
(1813 ~ 1900)
ScottishCongregational Minister and AuthorOn the Book of Jonah (1895)
Old Testament Criticism and the Rights of the Unlearned (1897)
A Brief Defence of Supernatural Christianity (1875)
A Popular Handbook of Christian Evidences (1880)
Shall We Go Back to Rome (1866)
The Book of Daniel from the Christian Standpoint (1898)
The Four Gospels: On What Grounds do we Accept Them as Genuine and Authentic (1877)
The Four Gospels: Their Age and Authorship (1880)
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ an Historical Fact (1882)
The Self-Revelation of Jesus Christ (1887)
The Pentateuch: Its Age and Authorship (1884)
Kenrick, Timothy
(1759 ~ 1804)
WelshUnitarian Minister, Biblical Commentator, and Dissenting Academy TutorAn Exposition of the Historical Writings of the New Testament (1807)
Kephart, Ezekiel Boring
(1834 ~ 1906)
AmericanUnited Brethren in Christ MinisterApologetics, or, A Treatise on Christian Evidences (1913)
Kett, Henry
(1761 ~ 1825)
EnglishClergyman, Academic, and WriterHistory the Interpreter of Prophecy (1805)
Volume 1
Volume 2
Sermons Preached Before the University of Oxford at St. Mary’s (1791)
Kidder, Richard
(1633 ~ 1703)
EnglishAnglican Bishop of Bath and WellsA Demonstration of the Messias (1726)
King, Henry Melville
(1838 ~ 1919)
AmericanBap­tist min­is­ter, Hebrew Professor, Hymn-WriterThe Messiah in the Psalms (1899)
Why We Believe the Bible (1902)
Thinking God’s Thoughts After Him (1914)
King, Josiah
(? ~ ?)
EnglishChaplain to the Right Honorable James, Earl of AngleseyMr Blount’s Oracles of Reason, Examined and Answered, In Nine Sections (1698)
Kirkpatrick, Alexander Francis
(1849 ~ 1940)
EnglishHebrew ProfessorThe Doctrine of the Prophets (1909)
Knatchbull, Sir Norton
(1602 ~ 1685)
English1st Baronet, Member of ParliamentAnnotations Upon Some Difficult Texts in All the Books of the New Testament (1693)
Kneeland, Abner
(1774 ~ 1844)
AmericanEvangelist and TheologianReview of the Evidences of Christianity (1831)
Knight, James
(? ~ ?)
EnglishReverend, St. Paul’s Church, SheffieldA Concise Treatise on the Truth and Importance of the Christian Religion (1856)
Knowling, Richard John
(1851 ~ 1919)
EnglishChaplain of King’s CollegeThe Medical Language of St. Luke (1902)
The Witness of the Epistles: A Study in Modern Criticism (1892)
Our Lord’s Virgin Birth and the Criticism of To-day (1904)
The Testimony of St. Paul to Christ: Viewed in Some of its Aspects (1905)
Krummacher, Friedrich Wilhelm
(1796 ~ 1868)
GermanReformed ClergymanThe Risen Redeemer: The Gospel History from the Resurrection to the Day of Pentecost (1863)
Kyle, Melvin Grove
(1858 ~ 1933)
AmericanEducator, Archaeologist and PublicistMoses and the Monuments: Light from Archaeology (1920)
The Deciding Voice of the Monuments in Biblical Criticism (1924)
The Problem of the Pentateuch: A New Solution by Archaeological Method (1920)