Apologist/AuthorNationalityOccupation and/or AffiliationWork(s)
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Huckin, Henry Robert
(1842 ~ 1882)
EnglishMaster at Repton School The Analogy of Religion: Dialogues Founded upon Butler’s Analogy of Religion (1873)
Hudson, Charles
(1795 ~ 1881)
AmericanMinister and Politician– Doubts Concerning the Battle of Bunker’s Hill: Addressed to the Christian Public (1857)
Huidekoper, Frederic
(1817 ~ 1892)
Dutch-AmericanUnitarian Preacher– Indirect Testimony of History to the Genuineness of the Gospels (1887)
Humphreys, Alfred Edward
(1843 ~ 1922)
EnglishCurate of Christ Church Cambridge– The Epistles to Timothy and Titus (1897)
– The Spirit of Jesus (1918)
Hunter, Thomas
(1712 ~ 1777)
EnglishVicar of Weverham in Cheshire– A Sketch of the Philosophical Character of Bolingbroke (1770)
Hurd, Richard
(1720 ~ 1808)
EnglishBishop of Worcester Twelve Sermons Introductory to the Study of the Prophecies (1773)
Hurst, John Fletcher
(1834 ~ 1903)
AmericanMethodist Bishop History of Rationalism: Embracing a Survey of the Present State of Protestant Theology (1867)
Husband, Richard Wellington
(1869 ~ 1924)
CanadianGreek Professor– The Pardoning of Prisoners by Pilate (1917)
– The Prosecution of Jesus: Its Date, History and Legality (1916)
Hutton, Richard Holt
(1826 ~ 1897)
EnglishJournalist, Church of England– Criticisms on Contemporary Thought and Thinkers Selected from the Spectator (1894)
– Theological Essays (1902)
Hyde, Edward
(1608 ~ 1674)
EnglishEarl of Clarendon A Brief View and survey of the dangerous and pernicious Errors to the Church and State in Mr. Hobbs’s Book, Entitled Leviathan (1676)