Apologist/AuthorNationalityOccupation and/or AffiliationWork(s)
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Dickinson, Jonathan
(1663 ~ 1722)
Anglo-AmericanMayor of Philadelphia– Familiar Letters to a Gentleman, Upon a Variety of Seasonable and Important Subjects in Religion (1757)
Dickinson, Richard William
(1804 ~ 1874)
AmericanPresbyterian Minister– The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Historically and Logically Viewed (1865)
Ditton, Humphrey
(1675 ~ 1715)
EnglishMathematician, Dissenting Minister– A Discourse Concerning the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (1727)
Dobbin, Orlando Thomas
(1807 ~ 1890)
IrishMissionary, Church of Ireland Minister– Tentamen Anti-Straussianum: The Antiquity of the Gospels Asserted (1845)
Dodd, Philip Stanhope
(1775 ~ 1852)
EnglishChurch of England Clergyman– A View of the Evidence Afforded by the Life and Ministry of St. Peter, to the Truth of the Christian Revelation (1837)
Dodd, William
(1729 ~ 1777)
EnglishPriest, Church of England– The Truth of the Christian Religion Vindicated from the Objections of Unbelievers: Particularly, of Mr. John James Rousseau (1765)
Doddridge, Philip
(1702 ~ 1751)
EnglishNonconformist minister– The Perspicuity and Solidity of Those Evidences of Christianity (1742)
– The Evidences of Christianity (1799)
Dodge, Ebenezer
(1819 ~ 1890)
AmericanBaptist Pastor– The Evidences of Christianity (1869)
Dodwell, William
(1709 ~ 1785)
EnglishArchdeacon of Beckshire– A Free Answer to Dr. Middleton’s Free Inquiry into the Miraculous Powers of the Primitive Church (1749)
– The Desireableness of the Christian Faith Illustrated and Applied (1744)
– The Nature, Procedure, Extent, Value, and Effects of a Rational Faith considered (1745)
– A Full and Final Reply to Mr. Toll’s Defence of Dr. Middleton’s Free Inquiry (1751)
Douglas, James
(1790? ~ 1861)
ScottishEsquire of Cavers, Congregationalist– The Truths of Religion (1831)
Douglas, John
(1721 ~ 1807)
ScottishBishop of Salisbury– An Apology for the Clergy (1755)
The Criterion: or, Miracles Examined (1757)
Drawbridge, Cyprian Leycester
(1868 ~ 1937)
EnglishSecretary, Christian Evidence Society– Common Objections to Christianity (1914)
Drew, Samuel
(1765 ~ 1833)
EnglishMethodist Theologian– Remarks on the First Part of The Age of Reason, Addressed to Thomas Paine, its Author (1831)
Drummond, James
(1835 ~ 1918)
IrishUnitarian Minister– An Inquiry into the Character and Authorship of the Fourth Gospel (1903)
Dupin, André Marie Jean Jacques
(1783 ~ 1865)
FrenchLawyer, Legislator– The Trial of Jesus Before Caiaphas and Pilate (1867)
Dwight, Timothy
(1752 ~ 1817)
AmericanCongregationalist minister, President Yale College The Nature and Danger of Infidel Philosophy (1799)
– A Discourse on the Genuineness and Authenticity of the New-Testament (1794)
– The Genuineness and Authenticity of the New Testament (By Dwight) And An Answer to the Question, Why are you a Christian (By John Clarke)