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  • John Fulton Blair on the Ending of Mark

    Mark’s statement that the women ‘said nothing to any one; for they were afraid,’ does not necessarily mean that they held their peace even from good. They were instructed, according to Mark, to tell the disciples and Peter (ver. 7). Their fear would dispose them to deliver...

  • Henry Rogers on the Nature of Reason

    Today is the Feast Day of Henry Rogers! Henry Rogers (18 October, 1806 – 20 August, 1877) was a witty controversialist who stood firm when the winds of Strauss and Baur began to blow through the Church of England. In Reason and Faith; Their Claims and Conflicts,...

  • Isaac Taylor on the Gospels as Credible Historical Sources

    Happy Birthday to Isaac Taylor! Isaac Taylor (1787 – 1865) was a British philosophical and historical author, artist, and inventor, regarded in his lifetime by many as the greatest English lay theologian since Coleridge. Taylor was an Anglican but held many friends among the dissenters. He was...

  • Is religion more science than art?

    A Muslim Professor in Cairo, a well-known authority on Islamic history, once remarked to me that religion, in his view, was not so much a matter of science as of art. When I asked what he meant by this, he explained that in a scientific monograph the...

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    - Kurt Jaros, Executive Director of Defenders Media

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