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  • George Salmon on the Fruits of Religion

    George Salmon on the Fruits of Religion

    The mathematician and theologian George Salmon was a meticulous writer, and his books are often very thorough. In this passage, Salmon examines the effects of belief in God on society, and the ramifications for its removal:   There are men whose hands have been indeed quick unto...

  • David Nelson on the Uninformed Skeptic

    David Nelson on the Uninformed Skeptic

    With love and compassion, David Nelson penned The Cause and Cure of Infidelity. Nelson chronicles his own abandonment of disbelief, and from this personal vantage point leverages the universal human experience to afford the reader a glimpse into the origin and release of human doubt. Having studied...

  • Joseph Barker on What Led Him to Faith

    Joseph Barker on What Led Him to Faith

    “I may now add, that the evidences which had most to do with convincing me of the truth and divinity of Christianity, were the internal ones. I was influenced more by moral and spiritual, than by historical and critical consideration. I do not think lightly of Paley’s...

  • Alexander Campbell’s Excellent Memory

    The following is an interesting observation from Alexander Campbell’s Debate on the Evidences of Christianity (Bethany, VA: Alexander Campbell, 1829), pp. 248-49:         The great question, as Chalmer’s , I think, or some other very argumentative writer, states; the great question, on which the whole argument...

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    - Kurt Jaros, Executive Director of Defenders Media

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